MIOPS Smart Universal Camera Trigger Works with IOS & Android Smartphones

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Product Details

MIOPS Smart Trigger is a camera and flash trigger combined in a single unit. It has the capability of detecting light, sound and laser events to trigger your equipment at the perfect moment to take a great picture. On top of that, it offers advanced intervalometer and cable release modes to take timelapse, HDR and timer controlled photos. MIOPS Smart can be used as a standalone device, but the true power is released when the dedicated smartphone app gets in action.

MIOPS Smart Trigger has Bluetooth 4.0 capability and it can communicate with your smartphone easily. This not just provides super easy use, but it also saves you from a lot of hassle. You don't need to walk to your camera each time to make change, you can do that remotely. Think about how convenient this can be if your camera is outside in a cold weather. The rechargeable battery and the compact size of MIOPSSmart makes it a perfect fit into your camera bag.

MIOPS Smart has seven different modes that can be selected from the trigger. In addition, there are four camera release modes that are available using the smartphone app.

Lightning Mode
The easiest way of capturing Lightning Strikes
MIOPS Trigger will detect the lightning strike and trigger your camera at the exact moment.

Sound Mode
Capture Popping Ballons, Breaking Glasses
In a dark room set your camera to Bulb mode. MIOPS Trigger will trigger your flash when it detects the sound!

Laser Mode
For Water Droplets, Exploiding Items
Every drop is a piece of art with Water Splash! It happens so fast, you need a MIOPS Trigger.

Timelapse Mode
Timelapse, easier now!
Stop the time for you whenever you want! MIOPS Trigger is the right gadget to create time lapse videos.

HDR Mode
High Dynamic Range Photos
MIOPS Smart does here again a fantastic job. You don’t need to do anything manually.

Scenario Mode
Combine the Sensors
Create custom scenario with up to five different steps. MIOPS Smart can use either the same or a different sensor in each step.

You will have unique features!
Smartphone Controllable
IOS & Android Support
The real potential of MIOPS Smart Trigger is revealed with the smartphone application (app). The app offers many advantages and features.

Upgradable Firmware
Open to New Features
MIOPS Smart Trigger has an upgradable firmware. It is open to new features and upgrades are free for life-time.

Rechargable Battery
USB Charging is Available
You are be able to charge MIOPS Smart Trigger with any USB charger thanks to its Li-On battery.

Advanced Scenarios
Combination of Multiple Sensors
You can create a custom scenario with up to five different steps. In each step, MIOPS Smart Trigger can use either the same or a different sensor.

MIOPS Smart Trigger starts a new era in high speed photography with the flexibility of smartphone platform!

11 Different Mode of Operations:

Lightning Mode:
Lightning mode as the name suggests this is a “light activated trigger”, capturing events such as lightning, fireworks and other occasions where a sudden change in light is detected.

Sound Mode:
Sound Mode can be used to capture High Speed events like popping balloons, breaking glasses, exploding items etc

Laser Mode:
Laser Mode is great for wildlife, water drops and exploiding items. A basic laser pointer is required to use this feature.

Timelapse Mode:
Timelapse Mode triggers your camera to your desired time interval between each shot. It is easy to create Timelapse videos.

HDR Mode:
HDR Mode allows the user to set the MIOPS Smart to fire off a burst of bracketed shots of up to 7 frames with an exposure bias of 1/3, 1/2 and 1 stop.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Mode:
DIY mode allws you to trigger your camera by receiving any type of external signal as a triggering event.

*Scenario Mode:
In this mode you can create a custom scenario with up to five different steps. In each step, MIOPS Smart can use either the same or a different sensor.

*Cable Release:
You can use your smartphone as a remote control and trigger your camera once you click the button on smartphone app.

*Press & Lock:
Press & Lock mode will open the shutter with a tap on the screen. The shutter will remain open until you tap the screen again.

*Press & Hold:
Using Press & Hold mode you can keep the shutter open as long as you want. The shutter will open when you press the circle and it will close whenever you release it.

*Timed Release:
In this mode you can keep the shutter open for a certain period of time. You can specify the time period in seconds. You can go up to 1 hour.

*These modes cannot be used standalone. They are supported with the smartphone application only.

Package Content
The package of a Miops Smart includes the following items:

1 x MIOPS Smart
1 x BL5C Battery
1 x Camera Connection Cable
1 x Flash Connection Cable

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