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Hama Quick Shoot Strap

If you want to keep your camera close to hand while out and about a camera strap is a useful accessory for ensuring that it is always there where you wish to snap the next picture. However, it’s not always the most convenient as you have to swivel round the strap to get to the camera.

The Hama Quick Shoot Strap eliminates this problem with a unique in-built slider that allows you to glide your camera back and forth along the strap, fix it at any point through use of the slider brake and rotate it 360 degrees with the rotary connection to allow you to get it into the perfect, comfortable position for your shot. Intended for use with DSLR cameras, the camera is attached via a 3-point safety lock which allows the user simple and fast removal and fixing of the camera, great for quick changing between cameras, yet protects it from theft as 3 specific buttons need to pressed together simultaneously for the camera to be fully released. Fixing to the mounting plate via the tripod mount of the camera, the rubberised surface of the mounting plate provide a firm-grip and secure base for the camera ensuring that it will not slip loose, even during periods of high activity.

Long-Wearing Comfort

Made for superior comfort, the 18 integrated air cushions (patented air cell technology) in the shoulder pad mould over time to shape of the user’s shoulder, creating a personalised fit that remains wearable even during periods of extended use. A double glide bar on the side prevents the strap getting tangled and cutting into the shoulder. In addition, the super elastic neoprene material acts as an effective shock absorber to help protect your camera when you travel through rough terrain or during the occurrence of any other general knocks and bumps on the road.


- Well thought out concept for quickly accessing a DSLR camera without having to move the strap
- The 18 air cushions (patented air cell technology) in the shoulder pad provide superior carrying comfort as they take on a form perfectly matched to the wearer's shoulder
- Super elastic neoprene acts as a shock absorber
- The 3-point safety lock allows the user to simply and quickly remove the camera from the strap; as it can only be opened by pressing three buttons, it also protects against theft
- Thanks to the slider, the camera glides from carrying position to shooting position in a flash without having to move the strap, the slider brake allows the camera to be fixed at any point
- A mounting plate adapts the tripod mount so that the tripod can still be used without having to unscrew the plate
- The strap does not get tangled thanks to the double guide bar on the slider
- Specially designed for DSLR cameras
- The 360° rotary connection allows the camera to be turned while still attached to the strap
- The mounting plate is attached to the tripod mount of the camera
- The rubberized surface of the mounting plate allows you to securely fix the camera
- High-quality, wide safety strap
- The strap's length is continuously adjustable
- A small accessory pocket has been built into the front side

What's in the Box

- 1 quick shoot strap


Colour: Black
Maximum Length: 150 cm
Width Shoulder Pad: 5,9 cm
Width Strap: 2.5 cm
Material: Neoprene
Warranty: 2 Years

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