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curl -X POST https://demo.vivapayments.com/api/orders -H 'Authorization: Bearer ZmJmMWUwOTAtNjVkZS00Yzc1LWI1ODAtZDlkOWJjNDk0YWQyOldEdi1WKw==' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"Tags": ["tag 1","tag 2","tag 3"],"Email": "customer@domain.com","Phone": "2117604000","FullName": "Customer Name","PaymentTimeOut": 86400,"RequestLang": "en-US","MaxInstallments": 12,"AllowRecurring": true,"IsPreAuth": true,"Amount": 1000,"MerchantTrns": "Your reference","CustomerTrns": "Description that the customer sees"}'

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