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Photo Restoration Service

Do you have old photos that are torn, stained or have unsightly marks? or old negatives that look scratched or marked? Do you want to brighten a faded photo? We can restore and revive your photos so you can enjoy once again. We are experts in photo restoration and retouching and can preserve your photos by boosting faded colours and removing dust and scratches. We restore photographs from negatives, slides, digital media and existing damaged photos using digital technology to give your photos a new lease of life. We even repair photos that have been torn in half; the photo restoration results we achieve are astonishing so contact us using the form below to see how we can help you.

The before and after shot here was scanned from an 80 year old negative. It was of a photograph of a photograph that was already in bad condition.  The negative was an unusual size  and the customer thought it couldn't be saved - I think the results speak for themselves.

Photo restoration can make a great gift and bring back happy memories.  We can provide the end results as prints, electronic files or both.

We do not have a set price list as every job is different but our photo restore service starts from as little as £10.






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