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easyCover Lens Oak Neoprene Protection Covers

The easyCover lens oak protection covers protect your lens while still being fully functional. It protects the lens against wear, bumps, scratches, sand and dust. 

The easyCover lens oaks are custom-manufactured from neoprene for each model resulting in a perfect fit for your lens. Because of the high quality neoprene and nylon materials used the lens keeps its slim design and offers a smooth texture and secure grip. 

The camouflage versions are great for breaking up the outline of the lens and help capture that perfect wildlife shot.

easyCover lens oaks are available for many popular lens brands including Nikon, Canon, Sony, Tamron and Sigma and some models are also available in various Camouflage versions.

For Nikon Lenses

For Canon Lenses

For Sony Lenses

For TAMRON Lenses

For SIGMA LEnses

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