There are many different types of photographic camera lens filters which can serve different purposes in film and digital photography. We stock a wide range of these filters including UV, Protection, Circular Polariser, ND Neutral Density and star burst. We also stock a range of filters for the GoPro action cameras for diving and general sports.

UV filters help remove haze from a scene and can be left on the camera at all times for protection of the lens. Protection filters are used purely to protect the lens and have no effect on the picture. Circular Polarisers are a must have, they remove reflections from non-metallic objects (anti glare) and help increase contrast in skies. These affects cannot be re-created in post processing. Neutral density filters reduce the amount of light entering the camera increasing shutter times which can introduce motion blur into a picture or allowing you to increase the size of aperture thus allowing shallower depth of field on bright days.
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