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The Mavic Pro Platinum not only has a fancy new colour but boasts a large noise reduction from the standard model, as well as an increased flight time.

The noise from the Mavic Platinum has been reduced by up to 4dB which is 60% the noise from the standard model. The flight time has now been increased from a maximum of 27 minutes up to 30 minutes. This is achieved from the FOC sinusoidal driver ESC's and a new 8331 propeller design.

High-end portable Quadcopter

The Mavic is a revolutionary, small and compact quadcopter by DJI. As well as being a completely new design the Mavic has taken a number of unique features from DJI's other models and combined them to create this new, impressive and exciting personal drone.

The DJI Mavic Platinum will fly for up to 30 minutes and has a record breaking 4.3 mile range. A 1080p live view is presented on your smartphone via the DJI GO App.

New Compact Folding Design

For the Mavic DJI have really concentrated on making the craft and its accessories as easy to carry and travel with as possible. The new design means the arms can now be folded inwards making it a lot smaller and more compact. This gives you the ability to carry it on your person or in small bags a lot easier and making it a more personal drone. The small gamepad size controller included with this package can easily be stored in a space as small as a back pocket.

Folded down the Mavic is 198mm x 83mm x 83mm, similar in size and weight to a bottle of water..

4K Camera & 3-Axis Gimbal

The Mavic has kept up with the Phantom and Inspire with it's 4K camera unit. It can record video at up to 4K 30fps and take 12MP still shots. DJI have designed this camera to be as small and compact as possible to keep the weight down but without sacrificing image or video quality. The camera view will be instantly transferred to a live 1080p feed on your smartphone. A gimbal will use high powered motors to keep all 3 axis steady and counteract any movements. This enables you to capture extremely smooth and high quality video while flying.

A new tripod mode has been introduced to allow for accurate shots. This mode slows down the speed of the aircraft as well as decreasing stick sensitivity. This makes it a lot easier to steady the craft and focus your camera on a tight and specific area.

Obstacle Avoidance and Return to Home

The obstacle avoidance feature first introduced on the Phantom 4 has been integrated into the Mavic. The Mavic contains 5 Vision sensors. Ultrasonic sensors on the bottom of the drone are perfect for indoor flying as they scan the ground beneath them (effective up to 3 metres) and keep the drone steady and safe. The sensors on the front of the craft can detect objects from up to 15 metres away. These sensors are used for obstacle avoidance and will allow the drone to either avoid or stop in front of the obstacle (depending on the surrounding area). This is a perfect feature for flying indoors and outdoors and very useful for beginners and anyone new to flying.

The Mavic can connect to up to 20 satellites at once giving it extreme precision while flying and allowing the return to home feature to be unbelievably accurate.

New Activetrack Modes

We first saw the active track feature on the recent Phantom 4 quadcopter. But DJI have made some considerable improvements to it with these new modes:

    Trace Mode - This mode is closest to the original standard mode on the Phantom 4. The Mavic will directly follow behind you at a set distance.
    Profile Mode - The Mavic will follow alongside the subject in this mode.
    Circle Mode - In this mode the Mavic will fly in a circle around the tracked subject, even while the subject is moving.
    Spotlight Mode - The drone will lock on to the subject. In this mode the Mavic can be controlled but will continue to keep its lock on the subject no matter how it is flown.
    Terrain Follow Mode - This mode will lock on and follow the subject but use its sensors to keep a certain distance above the ground directly below.

In additional to these modes the Mavic introduces Gesture controls. You can now wave your arms to your drone to instruct the drone to track you without even touching the transmitter. Gesture a framing action with your fingers to take a picture.

These new modes have certainly opened up a lot opportunities for those looking to get precise video footage in unique ways. As well as being extremely fun to play around with.
New Controller Design

DJI have heavily focused on keeping the Mavic small and compact. This is no different for the controller. This new game pad style controller is the smallest transmitter unit DJI have made to date. It's extremely small size make it no hassle to carry around in a small bag or even your back pocket.

The large phone/tablet holder seen on other DJI models has now been removed and a small clamping device has been designed into the bottom of the transmitter. With this your phone can simply clip onto the controller.

The Mavic is the first craft by DJI that can be fully flown/controlled using just your phone should you not want to use the controller. This can be achieved through the DJI Go App.

DJI Go App

The DJI GO App is used with almost every DJI model that requires a smartphone. It can be downloaded on to your smart device for free from the App store. The GO app is what you will use to see the live HD view from the camera but it is also used for a range of other features and settings.

Any settings you want to change with your aircraft, controller, photo and video settings will all be done through the App. Calibrations such as the compass calibration and IMU calibration will also be done here as well as updates for your remote controller.

One of the apps many features is Livestreaming. You can now stream your footage live over Youtube and allow others to watch and comment in near real time.

Also available to you will be a quick video editor. This software will allow you to quickly choose your best moments with the ability to add music, text and more.
flying the mavic pro with a smartphone    


    Folded Dimensions - H83mm x W83mm x L198mm
    Max Ascent Speed - 16.4 ft/s (5 m/s) in Sport mode
    Max Speed - 40 mph (65 kph) in Sport mode without wind
    Max Flight Time - 30 minutes (0 wind at a consistent 15.5 mph)
    Average flight time - 21 munites (In normal flight, 15% remaining battery level)
    Battery - LiPo 3S 3830mah
    Camera Sensor - 1/2.3” (CMOS), Effective pixels:12.35 M (Total pixels:12.71M)
    Lens - FOV 78.8° 28 mm (35 mm format equivalent) f/2.2 Distortion < 1.5% Focus from 0.5 m to ∞
    Image Max Size - 4000x3000
    Video Recording Modes - C4K: 4096×2160 24p - 4K: 3840×2160 24/25/30p - 2.7K: 2704×1520 24/25/30p - FHD: 1920×1080 24/25/30/48/50/60/96p - HD: 1280×720 24/25/30/48/50/60/120p
    Max Video Bitrate - 60 Mbps
    Photo - JPEG, DNG
    Video - MP4, MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)
    Supported SD Card Types - Micro SD. Max capacity: 64 GB. Class 10 or UHS-1 rating required
    Gimbal Stabilization - 3-axis (pitch, roll, yaw)
    Obstacle Sensory Range - Precision measurement range: 2 ft (0.7 m) to 49 ft (15 m) Detectable range: 49 ft (15 m) to 98 ft (30 m)

In the Box

    DJI Mavic Platinum Aircraft
    1x Intelligent Flight Battery
    3x Pairs of Propellers
    1x Remote Controller
    1x Gimbal Clamp
    1x Charger
    1x Power Cable
    1x 16GB Micro SD Card
    1x RC Cable (Lightning Connector)
    1x RC Cable (Standard Micro USB Connector)
    1x Micro USB Cable
    2x RC Cable Slider

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