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Kood 100mm Series ND2 1 Stop Neutral Density Filter - Fits Cokin, Lee & Hitech

REF: KPro100SeriesND2

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This Kood Pro 100mm Series ND filter will reduce the light entering the camera by 1 Stop on the whole frame. 

Solid ND filters are ideal for waterfalls, eascapes, reducing the depth of field on a bright day and creating motion blur.

Neutral density filters (also known as ND’s) produce a grey neutral tone and are used to reduce light, enabling more control over exposure and depth of field without affecting colour or contrast. They are especially useful in bright light conditions to avoid overexposure. Since ND filters uniformly reduce light at all wavelengths, there is no effect of the colour rendition. 

These filters will fit Cokin Z-Pro, Hitech 100, Lee 100 Holders .


Size: 100 mm x 100 mm
Material: CR39 Optical Resin
Compatible Format: 100mm Z-Pro Series
To Fit Lens Front (mm): Requires adaptor ring & holder

Please note that not all Kood products have the brand name Kood written on them.  They are however genuine Kood products.

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