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Kenko By Hoya 49mm 49 Multi-Coated MC Digital Protection Camera Lens Filter - UK

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A protection filter will have no effect on the picture, its is purely used to protect the lens with minimal impact to the picture. 

Kenko MC protector filters are a great cost effective way of protecting your lens. They have minimal effect on the shot and so can be left on the lens at all times.

This filter is multi-coated to minimise reflections on the filter surfaces.  This reduces flare, ghosting and increases light transmission.  This will help give increased image quality when compared to a cheaper un-coated filter in certain lighting conditions.

By purchasing one of these inexpensive protection filters you can protect the front element of your lens and reduce the risk of it being damaged, with minimal expense.

This filter is double threaded so another filter, adapter or hood can be mounted onto it.


Features: Double Threaded

Size: 49 mm
Material: Glass

Top Tip - If you are unsure of the size you require, most lens caps will have the filter thread size stamped on the back of them. The lens will also have an indication somewhere, ususally denoted by a diameter symbol ø with a number after it which indicates the filter thread size.

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