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Hama DCCSystem Nikon DC2 Pin Shutter Remote Release Connection Cable - 00005208

REF: Hama00005208

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The Hama DCCSystem is a modular system that lets you build a bespoke cable release system for you camera(s).  This sale is for the connection cable detailed below and will require a Base release system to work.  There are 4 base systems this cable will work with -  cable Remote Release 00005200, Timer Remote Release 00005201, Wire Remote Release 00005202 and IR Remote Release 00005203 which are available separately.

Get snap happy with this NI-3 adapter, allowing the connection of Nikon cameras to the Hama Remote Control Release System so you can capture flawless professional images at up to a range of 68cm. Ideal for observing from a distance e.g. with animals to achieve a superior quality finish for shake-free long-exposures. The high quality adapter is quick and easy to connect and will ensure that you have a secure connection to allow you to always be ready to capture that last minute fantastic image. A great addition to any Canon photography kit!


* Connection cable for all Hama "DCCSystem Base" shutter releases

* Screwable connection for a secure hold between the cable and remote shutter release

* Equivalent to the original camera connection: MC-DC2

* Suitable for: Nikon D7100 / D7000 / D5300 / D5000 / D3300 / D3100 / D610 / D90 / DF

Note for Consumers:
Due to the great number of different camera models available it is possible that the connection adapter cable can also be used for other models which are not mentioned here. Please feel free to contact us to find an appropriate adapter cable for your camera.

Whats in the box:

* 1 connection adapter cable


* Camera Connection - Nikon MC-DC2
* Length - 80 cm
* Colour - Black
* Suitable for - Nikon

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