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Kood 43mm - 37mm Lens Stepping Step Down Filter Adapter Ring - 43 to 37 mm

REF: KStepDown43_37

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The first number indicates the lens filter ring diameter that this ring will mount onto.  The second number indicates the filter diameter that can be fitted onto this stepping ring.

For example - this stepping ring will mount onto a lens with a 43mm  filter thread and allow you to fit a 37mm filter onto it.

These are a brilliant idea because they allow you to buy one size of filter and then adapt it for use on the rest of your lenses.  Or you may have an old filter but its the wrong size for your lens, you could use a stepping ring to adapt it to fit.

We always advise that if you want to buy a filter for use on multiple lenses, buy the biggest sized filter you need and then adapt it for your smaller lenses. These rings will save you money and reduce the number of filters you need.

These are excellent high quality black metal rings

Material: Metal
To Fit Lens Front (mm): 43mm

Top Tip - If you are unsure of the size you require, most lens caps will have the filter thread size stamped on the back of them. The lens will also have an indication somewhere, usually denoted by a diameter symbol with a number after it which indicates the filter thread size.

  Please note that not all Kood products have the brand name Kood written on them.  They are however genuine Kood products.
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