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Reverse Lens Adapter Macro Coupler Ring Male to Male 49mm - 49mm By JJC

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This is a Reverse Adaptor Macro Coupler 49mm to 49mm .

Please note: various size couplers are illustrated.

This adaptor will allow the photographer to connect a 49 mm filter size lens (reversed) onto a camera mounted lens that also has a filter thread. i.e. it is a male to male adaptor. One side has a 49 mm thread. The other side has a 49 mm thread.
By connecting a lens reversed onto an existing lens, the photographer can often achieve extremely close macro images.

Care should be taken when mounting a lens reversed, to ensure the two lens front elements do not touch each other.

This is a low cost way to enjoy extreme close up photography. The amount of magnification that can be achieved varies with each lens combination. Depth of field is very shallow at such close distances and vignetting can be an issue when the lens is used at small apertures.

Itís often a great way to make use of an older manual lens.

Please note that the images illustrate various size reverse adaptors. This product is a 49 mm to 49 mm male to male reverse adaptor.

Please note that you are only buying the Reversing Ring.  The other items in the pictures are for illustrative purposes only.

Top Tip - If you are unsure of the size you require, most lens caps will have the filter thread size stamped on the back of them. The lens will also have an indication somewhere, ususally denoted by a diameter symbol Ý with a number after it which indicates the filter thread size.

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