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Op Tech Super Classic Camera Strap - Camouflage - 3/8" Webbing - OpTech

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For the photographer/birdwatcher carrying a heavy camera or binoculars, the SUPER CLASSIC STRAPô is a great option. It has the same tailored design as the popular CLASSIC STRAPô; however, it adds the patented internal control-stretch system found in the S.O.S. STRAPô in addition to our Non Skid Surface. This combination is ideal for the individual wanting a narrower strap design that has the needed strength and comfort features required for handling a heavy load.


* Ideal for heavy cameras and binoculars *
* The perfect strap for DSLRs *
* "Comfort-Stretch" binding and patented internal "Control-Stretch" system for added support *
* Non Skid Surface won't slip from your shoulder *


* Recommended Load: Up to 15 lbs (6.8kg) *
* Carry Style: Neck, Shoulder *
* 2 Connection Points *
* Connection Type: 3/8" Webbing *
* Strap Length: fully adjustable 25" to 51" (63.5cm - 129.5cm) *
* Pad Dimensions: 2" by 15" Neoprene (5.08cm - 38.1cm) *
* Quick Disconnects: Yes *
* Materials: Neoprene pad with non-skid surface, nylon webbing and leather tabs *.
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