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SpiderPro Think Tank ProSpeed Adapter Kit - Spider Pro Holster

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Attach a SpiderPro Holster to a ThinkTank ProSpeed Belt!

Love your ProSpeed belt? Now you can comfortably attach a SpiderPro Holster to your ProSpeed belt with our add-on kit. Our standard kit includes a SpiderPro Pad, and all the hardware necessary to achieve this setup.
Watch the video.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use our adapter to securely attach your SpiderPro Holster to a ThinkTank ProSpeed Belt. This video does not include instructions for using the SpiderPro Pad. Check out this how-to page to learn how to attach the SpiderPro Holster to your SpiderPro Pad.

This kit contains:

* 1 SpiderPro Holster
* 1 SpiderPro Plate
* 1 SpiderPro Pin
* 1 SpiderPro Pad
* Metal adapter
* 6 screws
* a 3/32" hex wrench

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