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Colour Confidence Total Balance Collapsible AF Grey Card - New UK


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Colour Confidence Total Balance – the convenient collapsible grey card

The Colour Confidence Total Balance offers all the benefits of a grey card in a convenient and durable foldaway package, ideal for photographers on location. A double-sided grey and white flexible card, this versatile solution provides an 18% grey neutral background for light meter readings, ensuring your images are correctly exposed, and can be used for in-camera white balancing when reversed.

The Total Balance's ‘Point and Shoot’ function also colour corrects for more accurate colour replication, allowing you to concentrate on image composition and capturing the shot you want, instead of being concerned with technical issues – ideal when working under pressure. Unlike traditional grey cards which can be easily damaged, the Colour Confidence Total Balance is virtually indestructible, and folds down into a compact, portable case.


* Colour correction pre and post capture *
* Exposure control pre and post capture *
* Accurate colour rendition *
* Collapsible, durable, and cleanable *
* Double sided grey and white *
* Unique focusing site *
* For use with digital or film photography *

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