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Matin 40.5mm 40.5 Camera Lens Cap with Keeper Strap - Centre Pinch Clip On

REF: MatinSnapCap40_5mm

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This is a Matin replacement lens cap for SLR lenses. Each cap features an internal spring design that makes it easy to attach/remove the cap when a lens hood is fitted.

Each cap features a built-in cap keeper with an elastic strap to reduce the risk of loosing it. This can easily be removed if not required.


To Fit Size: 40.5 mm
Bundled Items: Cap & Keep Cap Cord

Please note that you are only buying the lens cap.  The other items in the pictures are for illustrative purposes only.

Top Tip - If you are unsure of the size you require, most lens caps will have the filter thread size stamped on the back of them. The lens will also have an indication somewhere, ususally denoted by a diameter symbol ø with a number after it which indicates the filter thread size.

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