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BRNO dri+Cap Canon Rear Lens Cap with Dessicant - Keep Your Lens Moisture Free

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Protect your lens from excess humidity excess humidity can be destructive to cameras and lenses.

Fungus that forms between lens elements and on glass surfaces in humid dark environments is either practically impossible or often extremely expensive to remove.

The dri+Cap system helps to maintain equipment at the proper RH (relative humidity) levels.

Optimal RH is between 35% - 45% for storing camera equipment.

The dri+Cap absorbs damaging moisture that can turn into mold.

Protects sensitive camera equipment from ambient RH fluctuations when travelling in climates with heavy temperature changes.

This kit is for a Canon EOS SLR lens. The will also fit other branded Canon EOS mount lenses

It comprises a rear lens cap. The cap contains a compartment that holds a sachet of de-humidifier (dessicant). Four sachets of de-humidifier are provided in the kit and extra sachets are available separately. Simply tear open a fresh pack, remove the sachet and insert it into the cap compartment. Screw the compartment lid on, to seal the cap a rubber O ring ensures an air-tight seal. Now install the cap onto the lens - the rubber O ring ensures an air-tight seal against the mount flange. Check the de-humidifier sachet at regular intervals. When the indicator gels have turned from orange to green replace the sachet with a fresh one.

Modern photographic equipment is expensive. This is a low cost method to maximise protection.

This is a BRNO dri+Cap Lens cap kit for a Canon EOS Mount Lens. Body caps are available separately.

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