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Apple Certified 30-Pin to USB Cable For Charging and Sync 1.5m By Hama

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- USB-A plug on iPod plug (10 pins)
- For connecting iPods (generation 3 onwards, iPod Photo or iPod mini) to a computer with USB interface
- For transferring data, e.g. music editing programs such as iTunes
- Also suitable as charging cable for suitable USB power supply units

Note for Consumers:
MFI products are licensed by Apple and specially designed for connection to an iPhone, iPad and iPod. Apple prescribes high quality standards and examines these before the products come onto the market.

The Apple of Your Eye!

With the well established popularity of the Apple brand along with the development of existing products and introduction of new ones, such as the iPhone, in recent years it is not unusual to find ourselves with a device such as an iPod or iPhone in our hand bags or pockets.

Designed as portable devices, it is often on the go, away from home that we use these devices the most, for example, during the commute to work, at our desks or on a long journey. Therefore, to achieve the maximum benefit from these devices, it is important that they are fully charged. The last thing you want is your iPhone cutting out in the middle of that important phone call or your iPod running out of battery 5 minutes into an 8 hour flight!

Only one sync cable is provided with your Apple device on purchase and this can easily get misplaced or wear out from extensive use meaning you can no longer sync your device with your computer or charge it away from a mains socket.

Get in the Sync!

Hama provides you with a low cost, high quality replacement with this 10PMFI 10-pin USB sync cable. Officially authorized as ‘Made for iPod’ and ‘Works with iPhone’ it is compatible with both Apple iPhone and iPod (Generation 3 onwards) to provide you with highly efficient charging and flawless data transfer and synchronization that you can rely on. Furthermore, it comes with 1.5 metre cable to provide you with plenty of flexibility. The only difference you will notice about Hama’s cable and the original is the colour and the price!


Connection - 30-Pin Plug (Apple)/USB-A Plug
USB Standard - USB 2.0
Length - 1.5 m
Max. Data Transfer Rate - 480 MBit/s
Colour - Black
Usage - Mobile Phone/MP3 Player/Tablet 

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