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Apple Certified Lightning Cable USB Data Charging iPhone 5 6 Plus iPad MFI GREEN

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A Bright Idea: “Colour Line” Lightning Charging/Sync Cables

These are very high quality cables from Hama, utilising the best wire and materials to handle the charge current and data bandwidth for the latest tech devices.  Beware of cheap cables that are unable to carry the charge current resulting in slow charge times and data drop outs resulting in devices not being recognised or worse - Damaged.  These cable are Apple MFI certified.

Charging and data cable for Apple smartphones and tablets equipped with a Lightning connector.

These colourful cables are especially for devices with a Lightning connection such as smartphones and tablets so you can connect them to PCs or notebooks with a USB-A connector.

The USB 2.0 cables allow fast data exchange between devices such as your smartphone and your PC: update your contacts and appointments, transfer music and photos and charge your smartphone at the same time.

Colourful and tough

But the Colour Line's not just colourful; it's also high-quality. These brightly coloured cables feature aluminium housing that is not only very elegant, but also extremely durable and long-lasting. Thanks to the special nylon sheathing, the cables are also very tough. This makes it easier to wind them so you can keep things tidy and save space.  


- For charging and synchronizing an Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad
- Direct power supply and battery recharging via a USB charger or the USB socket on a notebook or PC
- Elegant and robust aluminium housing
- A special nylon jacket makes the cable especially durable, it is easy to roll up and can be stored compactly
- Allows data exchange (calendar, phone book, to-do-lists) between a smartphone/mobile phone and a PC/notebook

What's in the box:

- 1 "Color Line" 1m Lightning charging/sync cable


Connection: Lightning Plug to USB-A Plug
USB Standard: USB 2.0
Quality: Excellent
Length: 1 m
Type of Shielding: Shielded
Warranty: 2 Years

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